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Ancestors of Ellen Cameron

Grandparents of Ellen

Daniel Cameron
Daniel was born in 1816 in Kilsyth in Stirling. He married Christina Grindlay in 1843. He was a joiner and died in 1880 aged 63.
Christina Grindlay
Christina was born in about 1822 in Falkirk. She married Daniel Cameron in 1843 and they had at least 11 children. She died in Denny in Stirlingshire in 1895 aged 73
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker was born in 1831 in Dundonald, Ayr. He was at various times a carpenter, a ship's carpenter and shipwright. He seems to have married twice: firstly to Jean or Edith Crosbie with whom he had his children, and then to Agnes Dickson. It is possible, but not certain that he may have become a publican at the Sandgate Golf Inn Hotel by the 1901 census
Jean or Edith Crosbie
Jean or Edith was born in 1834 in Glasgow. We believed her name was Jane or Jean but there is another family tree on the Hogg Barnes Website where her name is reckoned to have been Edith. Whichever it was, she died in 1874 aged just 40, having had 6 children.