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Grandparents of Henry

Henry Royle Evatt I
Henry Royle Evatt was born around 1810. In some census returns he says he was born in Unstone in Derbyshire but in the 1871 census he said he was born in Castle Donington. His father, William Evatt was certainly from Castle Donington. I have been able to find out a lot about HRE as he advertised his various businesses in the local papers, but I do not know who his mother was, or why his middle name was Royle or why the name Royle has been passed down the generations.
Matilda Schwerer
Matilda was born around 1810 and married Henry Royle Evatt in 1834. According to the census returns she was born in Sheffield. In 1836 Henry Royle Evatt dissolved a partnership he had in a clockmaking business with one Lawrence Schwerer but I have not been able to work out whether this was a brother, father or even an uncle to Matilda.
William Henry Gaunt
The only concrete evidence I have is that of Sarah's marriage certificate. On this William Gaunt calls himself a general dealer. If I have the right birth certificate for Sarah, then in 1845 he was a clothier.
Susannah Holliday
If I have the right birth certificate for Sarah Ann Gaunt (and there are a few Sarah Gaunts in Bramley at this time) then her mother was Susannah Holliday. There is a death recorded for a Susannah Holliday in 1851.