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Ancestors of Harry Davey

Grandparents of Harry

Edward Davey
Edward Davey, from Nottingham was married to Harriet Hitchcock on 19 May 1839 and the marriage certificate is on a tree in Edward was a shoe maker of full age. There must have been some confusion over the name because the name of his father is down as Thomas Day rather than Davey. I think Thomas is described as a Gent. Edward Davey was from N
Harriet Hitchcock
Harriet Hitchcock was born in 1818 in Nottingham. I have her parents as John and Elizabeth, which I got from another family tree where they had a copy of baptisms in the parish of St Mary in Nottingham in the year 1818. I know nothing more of either John or Elizabeth and do not know her surname. Sadly I do not understand the profession of her father, John, on her marriage certificate. It seems to consist of a few initials and I cannot read them anyway.
Charles Pritchard
Charles Pritchard was from Snenton in Nottinghamshire. He was a brickmaker in 1871. In 1881 he stated his occupation as owner of house property. In 1901 he states he is a Draper on own account
Ellen of unknown maiden name
Ellen was born in Radford, Nottinghamshire in 1834.